For over 30 years,

we combine tradition
with a vision of the future

Since our foundation, we have attached great importance to a sustainable philosophy that combines both ecological and economic principles. Our passion is to create packaging solutions that not only benefit the environment, but also your business. Because we firmly believe that responsible action and economic success can go hand in hand. Get to know us and discover the values that drive us and make us your ideal partner.

Who or what we are

For more than 30 years, OecoPac has been involved in the further development, production and individualization of round packaging, now in its second generation. Customer wishes are always the motivation for ever newer and better solutions.

The trust our customers have always placed in us has allowed us to grow into a solid, medium-sized, family-run company. Fairness and correct behavior towards all business partners is a basic building block of our actions.

Flexibility and reliability are at the forefront of our daily work.

We manufacture standard products as well as individualized packaging solutions in the best quality in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard, always under fair conditions.

At a glance

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Think economically,
act strategically:

At OecoPac, we understand that efficient business processes and cost awareness are key for our customers. Our packaging solutions are not only environmentally friendly, but also economically well thought out. With one eye for detail and the other for the big picture, we optimize the cost-benefit ratio of our products. The advantage for you? High-quality packaging that is easy on your budget and offers added value at the same time. With OecoPac you get the best of both worlds: Sustainability and economy in perfect harmony.

Focus on ecology

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously!

In an environment of strict food conformity laws, this is not always easy. That is why we are doing everything we can to make ecologically sensible decisions within this tight framework.

Of course, not every packaging solution can be completely green, but we maximize the use of environmentally friendly materials where possible. We also rely on the use of recycled materials to conserve resources for posterity. With appropriate barriers, your product is still excellently protected.

We promote resource-conserving production processes and rely on partnerships with environmentally conscious supply chains.

We support the responsible use of the world’s forests. If you would like to use this for communication purposes, please contact us. Our FSC® certification Germany makes it possible for you on request.

Our affinity is to make a wide variety of products available to every customer in the best possible quality, focused on their wishes.

Our values

Responsibility – at the top of a company, you are not only responsible for the business, but especially for the visions and values behind it.

We – OecoPac – have decided from the outset to place quality and innovation at the center of our work. Round as a shape has always inspired us – for us it symbolizes perfection and harmony.
We are proud of every package we deliver that exceeds our customers’ expectations and protects and presents our customers’ products.

As behind every product there is a background that contributes with dedication and expertise to make this vision a reality, we cannot emphasize enough how proud and grateful we are to have a super great team behind us. Without the enthusiasm of our entire team, the realization of our vision would not be possible.

Would you like to become part of our team? Then apply to us at

We look forward to breaking new ground together with you and making the world a better place every day.
Here’s to a fruitful collaboration!

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