Sustainable aroma protector

Food-safe packaging with an ecological design. This packaging combines the flexibility of a membrane can with reduced use of plastic. With a cardboard slip lid, you can present products in a sustainable and appealing way. The OecoCan is disposed of as paper waste through cardboard sealing bottoms (observe local regulations). The lids can also be customized at low cost, which increases the attractiveness of the packaging.

Components for OecoCan

Lid for OecoCan


Crimped with cardboard disk


  • Elegant and high-quality closure variant especially for jewelry packaging
  • can be upgraded using any form of finishing from printing technology


Cardboard disk with plastic press-in lid


  • Tight-fitting universal fastener, in a wide range of colors
  • Particularly good fit and stability
  • Easy to remove thanks to the grip tab

bottoms for OecoCan


Carton sealing base


  • Effective, tight alternative to metal flooring
  • low weight, simplified Disposal, cost efficiency and a printable reverse side


Tinplate base


  • Standard closure for the robust, stable and tight way of closing
  • can be painted clear or colored
  • Extended moisture and aroma protection can be optionally achieved with a rubber coating.


Push-in shelf made of plastic


  • The alternative for anyone who wants to lock manually
  • available in all colors

* For the use of carton sealing bottoms and tinplate bottoms, you need the appropriate sealing technology.

Membranes for OecoCan


Deep-drawn aluminum membrane


  • with or without tear tab, as well as pre-cut
  • Can heights from 50 to 300 mm
  • Inner liner of the can is aluminum-laminated

* The OecoCan can be supplied with or without a membrane.

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Areas of application


Luxury food

Pet food

Chemical products


Health food products


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